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How it Works

The secret to 20 Second Fitness is 20 second max effort intervals done in quick 4 minute workouts that boost metabolism, build lean muscle which will get you quick results!
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Meet Spencer

Spencer struggled with his weight for nearly 15 years before discovering the secret of 20 Second Fitness. Since then he’s helped thousands of people lose weight and he will help you too!
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Motivation & Support

Through videos, blogs and facebook you will find answers to any questions you may have. You’ll also have personal access to Spencer which makes it easy to stay motivated and get results!
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The science behind the program is solid and compelling. With all the time constraints on our lives these days it is a sure way to be able to get some very good cardio and strength training in on a regular basis. I do the program every morning when I wake up.
Dr. Brian D. Zelickson, Zel Skin and Laser Specialists
I absolutely love how this workout makes me feel! Thanks Spencer.
Eric B., via Facebook
OK, you killed me today with Day 2, Week 2 of the workouts. 3 minutes of jump rope? Serioiusly! (pant, pant, pant) I LOVE it though!!!
Laura R., via Facebook
I am on my 2nd week and I have already lost two pounds…thank heavens I found you at the What Women Want Expo in St. George!!!
Rachel A., via Facebook
Just finished today’s workout and my arms are like noodles – can hardly type. Spence, I’ve been working out with my friends in the morning for just over 3 months. Did my measurements on Saturday and I’ve lost 6 inches off my waist! Happy Happy!
Jenna N., via Facebook
I shed more weight this week!!!! I am now at 133 lbs!!!!! 32 lbs down only 18 more to shed! I AM FABULOUS!!!!
Brittany S., via Facebook
Between 20 Second Fitness and the South Beach Diet, I’ve lost 5.5 pounds in 2.5 weeks! EXCITED about the result in such a short period of time.
Laura R., via Facebook
So I’ve been doing 20 second fitness for 6 months now and love the difference it’s made for my overall health and fitness. I love 20 second fitness. I am such a believer! I feel good and my body is losing inches and gaining muscle and toning out like I’ve always wanted!!!
Angie S., via Facebook
Hi Spencer! I received my 20 Second Fitness package today! I was so anxious to get it!!! SO I watched all the intro and form exercise stuff and did my first 4 minute warm up session. I can tell this is going to work for sure!
Laura R., via Facebook
Holy cow! I just finished Day 1 of week 2 of 20 Second Fitness. I feel like dying! :) We really step it up on week 2!
Last week I was dead tired. This week I actually feel like I have more energy, and I feel stronger! I love 20 Second Fitness because it’s doable even for a busy mom like me! Can’t wait to take my measurements this week…I feel slimmer and toner, and I haven’t even made it out of the warm-up weeks!!
Shasta W., via Facebook
Loving 20 Second fitness!! It’s perfect for guys like me that are constantly out on the road.
Tim G., via Facebook
I am 136 lbs!!!!! YAY ME!! I haven’t been under 140 lbs for 4 years. I am so excited!! I am only 21 lbs away from my goal. YAY ME AGAIN!!!!!
Brittany S., via Facebook
Just did my first workout tonight! OMG who knew 4 minutes could be so intense! Wow!
Shasta W., via Facebook
Just finished Workout 18 and LOVING 20 Second Fitness! I can’t believe how easy it is to stay motivated to do this every day. I even took it with me on our ski trip to Colorado a couple weeks ago!
Jennette T., via Facebook
I am now down 81 pounds since September 29 and in my first pair of jeans since 30 years ago!!!!
Diane G., via Facebook
6lbs gone and never to return. Thanks for kicking my butt every morning, Spencer!!
Katie S., via Facebook
20 second fitness is AWESOME!!!! I’m gaining more energy as I progress though the program. Thanks Spencer Larson for putting this together. Love it!!
Dennis B., via Facebook
Just wanted to share that since I started 20 Second Fitness on September 29th. I have lost 68 pounds AND have been able to do things I never thought I would….Yesterday my husband and I hiked to Angels Landing in Zion Canyon. Surprised us both !!!
Diane G., via Facebook
Spence, my daughter and I have been at it for 5 weeks now. She’s shrinking. I’m starting to. I told you, at my age it’s like blowing a hole in a mountain. Tough. But we’re both still doing the program faithfully. I’m stronger, I feel the change from the inside out. Will keep you posted. :)
Jennifer L., via Facebook
Thanks a lot, Spencer! None of my jeans fit me anymore!! THEY ARE TOO BIG!! WOO HOO!! I’m lovin’ it!!
Bonnie Z., via Facebook
I love 20 second workout. It is short and it really gives me a good workout. I feel so good when I am done working out, always hard to start but feels so good to be done.
Suellen A., via Facebook
WOOT WOOT!! I just made my first weight goal!! 125 Oh yeah!! Thanks Spencer. 20 second Fitness rocks!!!!
Bonnie Z., via Facebook
I have tried working out consistently my whole life and have never been able to do it. This is the first time I’ve gone into a workout knowing I’m going to succeed, and I love the workouts. There’s no more excuses when the workouts aren’t time consuming. Loving the burn!
Andy, via Email
I haven’t missed any days of exercise since I started and am actually able to do a few push ups on the floor.
Irene , via Email
I tried to incorporate the P90X program into my training schedule and was successful for a few months, but my DVDs are now getting dusty. I was grateful to find the 20 Second Fitness program. The high-intensity, burn-em-out approach is an awesome way to start my day. It is so fun to be getting stronger and faster!
Scott , via Email
I am down 10 lbs to 183! Eating better and working out regularly. Spencer is right, the burn from 20 Second Fitness stays with you all day. I am lending the intro week and week 2 to my brother for him to give it a go.
Eric B., via Facebook
I have not weighed myself yet (not planning to for awhile) but things are becoming more toned up and my body feels stronger! I can now keep up with my boys without getting so out of breath! Loving 20 Second Fitness!!
Rachel A., via Facebook
40 Amazing Workouts on 6 DVDs + 4 FREE Gifts
Spencer’s unique combination of Rapid Burn Resistance training and Flash Cardio will have you burning fat and building lean muscle from fast, efficient and effective workouts.

  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Food Guide
  • Progress Calendar

Disc X: Start Here

Teaches you the proper form and technique for all of the exercises you will be doing in the program. It also shows you different variations to each exercise so whether it’s your first workout in years or you’re an elite athlete you will know how to make the program work for you!

Disc W: Warm up – 12 workouts

Twelve different workouts that take you through your first two weeks. These two weeks will get you used to the exercises, concentrating on proper form and building your intensity in a safe manner to minimize soreness and fatigue.

Disc 1 – 4: 24 workouts

Over the next four weeks you have 24 new workouts. That’s 6 new workouts each week. Each day of the week you will target a different muscle group. Each week is more focused and difficult than the week before. At the end of these 4 weeks you will be amazed at how much leaner, stronger and more energized you are!

Recovery: 4 workouts

After completing your first cycle you get a much needed recovery week to let your body rebuild and re-energize. On disc X there are 4 recovery workouts. They are low intensity and are going to be a breeze.

All of this AND a 90 day risk free money back guarantee! Don’t wait – order now.

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