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20 Second Fitness is based on the work of Dr. Izumi Tabata. In 1996 Dr. Tabata tested the 20/10 (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) high-intensity workout using Olympic speed skaters. His results found that the 20/10 system built endurance and muscle strength and produced better results when compared to athletes training with traditional workouts.


Dr. Tabata’s research changed the way we think about exercise. Before his study, we had been taught to believe that fitness and weight loss can only be achieved through dieting and hours at the gym.


We took Dr. Tabata’s findings and built upon it to create a workout that is realistic, effective and doable for anyone. What we found in our own studies, in addition to confirming that 20 second intervals are ideal for maximizing calorie burn, is that through focused muscle specific sets, we can stimulate optimal muscle overload to build strength and lean muscle.


Another important element to the science behind 20 Second Fitness is overloading the aerobic system. Tapping into the rarely used anaerobic system leads to afterburn or rapid burn – a process that boosts your metabolism and maximizes calorie burn, even after you stop exercising.


Through the use of a VO2 measuring device, we were able to test the effectiveness of 20 Second Fitness and found that our workouts can burn up to 12 times the calories as traditional exercise. Meaning, 4 minutes of 20 Second Fitness can burn up to the same amount of calories as 48 minutes of typical, moderate exercise.


In a study conducted by co-creator Dr. Charles Mok, we found that the average weight-loss of 20 Second Fitness users was 16 pounds in 6 weeks, proving that it’s not about the amount of time you exercise, but rather, the intensity at which you exercise.


Doctor Endorsements


Dr. Brian D. Zelickson
Dr. Zelickson is one of the most respected dermatologists in the nation and an internationally renowned laser surgeon and inventor. He also has been repeatedly named one of the Twin Cities’ “Top Doctors” by Mpls St. Paul magazine


“I personally have been very pleased with the 20 second fitness program. The science behind the program is solid and compelling. With all the time constraints on our lives these days it is a sure way to be able to get some very good cardio and strength training in on a regular basis. I do the program every morning when I wake up and continue to do my current workout schedule. This helps me maintain my fitness even when I miss my regular workout, which often happens due to my busy schedule.

This is also great for my patients looking to trim down and get into shape. It is hard for anyone to say they do not have 4 – 8 minutes a day to get in shape.”

Dr. Colin E. Bailey MD, FACS

“I have reviewed your white paper entitled ‘Weight Loss in 6 weeks from daily 8 minutes of very high intensity exercise (20 Second Fitness)’.

The data that is presented in your paper is very compelling. This clearly represents a paradigm shift in an approach to exercise and weight loss. Several of our staff members have undertaken this exercise regimen and after a very short period of time have had excellent results. I believe that this new approach to exercise and weight loss has the potential to revolutionize the fitness industry.”

40 Amazing Workouts on 6 DVDs + 4 FREE Gifts
Spencer’s unique combination of Rapid Burn Resistance training and Flash Cardio will have you burning fat and building lean muscle from fast, efficient and effective workouts.

  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Food Guide
  • Progress Calendar

Disc X: Start Here

Teaches you the proper form and technique for all of the exercises you will be doing in the program. It also shows you different variations to each exercise so whether it’s your first workout in years or you’re an elite athlete you will know how to make the program work for you!

Disc W: Warm up – 12 workouts

Twelve different workouts that take you through your first two weeks. These two weeks will get you used to the exercises, concentrating on proper form and building your intensity in a safe manner to minimize soreness and fatigue.

Disc 1 – 4: 24 workouts

Over the next four weeks you have 24 new workouts. That’s 6 new workouts each week. Each day of the week you will target a different muscle group. Each week is more focused and difficult than the week before. At the end of these 4 weeks you will be amazed at how much leaner, stronger and more energized you are!

Recovery: 4 workouts

After completing your first cycle you get a much needed recovery week to let your body rebuild and re-energize. On disc X there are 4 recovery workouts. They are low intensity and are going to be a breeze.

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