I want to try 20 Second Fitness risk free for 90 days!

4 reasons why 20 Second Fitness works for so many people and why it will work for you

  1. It’s easy to make a way of life and it fits into your lifestyle as easily as brushing your teeth!

    Spencer always says, “It doesn’t matter how good an exercise program is, if it can’t become a way of life it won’t get you lasting results.” With 20 Second Fitness being as short as 4 minutes a day, it can fit into even the busiest of days!

  2. It works with all ages and fitness levels!

    20 Second Fitness is about starting where you are at today health and fitness-wise. Whether it’s your first workout in years or you’re an elite athlete, you do the workouts at your own personal, maximum effort and build on it from there. Disc X goes over every exercise and shows the variations that will fit with any fitness level.

  3. It’s up to 12 times as effective as other workouts.

    We want fast and efficient. For example, we all prefer high speed internet over dial-up. 20 Second Fitness is the high speed internet of fitness. It’s scientifically proven to burn up to 12 times the calories as other workouts. What this means is that 4 minutes can burn up to the same amount of calories as 48 minutes of traditional workouts. So think what 8 or 12 minutes could do for you!

  4. No strict dieting or calorie counting

    20 Second Fitness is about boosting your metabolism, building lean muscle and changing the way your body burns calories. This combined with healthy and sensible eating leads to lasting results. We believe in a real world approach to losing weight!